J-Beauty: The latest trend demystified

J-Beauty: The latest trend demystified

J-Beauty: The latest trend demystified

Why now all swear by Japanese skin care, what exactly is meant by J-Beauty and the 5 best beauty tips directly from Japan.

According to GlobalData, the Japanese cosmetics market, with a total market size of over 32.2 trillion dollars, is one of the largest beauty industries in the world. While K-Beauty talks about skin care rituals that usually consist of 10 steps, the Japanese beauty philosophy is based on the basic idea that "less is more" and we all swear by this secret. With all the everyday stress of today's world, skin routines simply have to be fast. Consumers of J-Beauty products therefore use a much smaller number of products, with fewer active ingredients, but which are ahead of all quality standards and thus represent an attraction for all beauty-conscious people. Are you one of those beauty queens who attach great importance to high-quality, effective and natural cosmetic products? Then you can find out everything about J-Beauty and the best beauty tips from Japan that will make your sensitive skin glow.

What exactly is J-Beauty?

By the term J-Beauty we mean skin care products that come from Japan. But what really makes J-Beauty products so special?Skin care products that come from the land of the rising sun have some special features that definitely set them apart from care products from other countries. One of these is that the Japanese beauty philosophy is very much health-oriented. Furthermore, most J-Beauty products do not only focus on repairing existing problems and damage, but on preventing skin problems and that is exactly where the secret lies. 

 In Japan, beauty has been celebrated for thousands of years and is also much more intensively researched than in many other countries. You probably ask yourself every time you see a Japanese woman in front of you why she looks so much healthier, slimmer and younger than a woman from another country. The answer is: natural recipes combined with futurology.

Japanese women have been studying skin and beauty care since they were young. Thanks to the mixture of good old natural recipes and wisdom combined with the latest research, the complexion remains radiantly young, beautiful and above all healthy until late in life. J-Beauty routines are designed for the long term and if used consistently, a lasting effect can be achieved. 

The best 5 beauty tips from Japan

Are you looking for a beauty routine that makes your skin glow? Then try our beauty secrets from Japan:

1. Cleansing

The Japanese clean their face thoroughly every evening, morning and before any other beauty treatment. The purity of the skin is incredibly important and the key to naturally radiant skin. Spreading a drop of gel cleanser on the face for 15 seconds definitely won't help to remove the silicone-coated foundation, sebum and sweat from a busy day at the office. Japanese skin care gurus therefore recommend spending as much time at night gently cleansing the face as you normally need to apply all the make-up. It is also recommended to remove make-up for the first time with Make-Up Remover, wash the face with gentle soap for at least one or two minutes and then treat it with the right moisturizer.

2. Prevention

As already mentioned, prevention is a particularly important issue in Japan. For this reason, you should start your daily skin care routine at the earliest possible age. If used early and consistently, you can look forward to lasting beauty and young, radiant skin at an older age. Sun protection is also an important issue. Skin ages very quickly due to strong and intense sun exposure, which is why Japanese beauty brands place great emphasis on sun protection factors.

3. The right skin care

Mineral and natural ingredients are the essence of the Far Eastern cosmetics industry. Aloe Vera, White Tea, Ginseng, Tsubaki Oil, Wakame and Kimchi are very popular, natural and effective ingredients of J-Beauty products, which you should definitely pay attention to. It is also important that you choose the right skin care products for your individual skin type. For the eye area you should use a very special cream and gently pat it into the skin before going to bed. The same goes for the lips, which are often forgotten.

4. Tozaime Jade Roller

Another J-Beauty secret for beautiful and pure skin is the Tozaime Jade Roller, which has been part of the beauty ritual of Geishas for 200 years. Jade rollers are suitable for absolutely every type of face and are an important addition to your daily skin care routine. They support the natural detoxification process of your skin, reduce skin irritations, wrinkles and lines, promote blood circulation and improve your mood with a cool and pleasant massage. Alternatively, there are also so-called Gua-Sha stones, which are more suitable for the whole body and less for the facial area.

5. Sleep

Lack of sleep is not only bad for general health, but also for the skin. Eight hours of sleep, on the other hand, works like a true beauty miracle. Sleep lowers your stress level, inflammation and protects you from external influences such as blue light from your smartphone, exhaust fumes and strong sunlight. In addition, you produce more collagen during sleep, which makes your skin firmer and at the same time repairs acne and scars. Furthermore, your skin cells renew themselves and your skin is more receptive to skin care products. That's why you should always apply beauty products before going to bed to get the best results.

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