Melda Melissa Temiz Make-Up artist and her inspring work

Make-up artist feature: Inspiration by Melda Melissa Temiz

Dear Melda, besides your studies, you are dedicating yourself to your make-up passion. Where do you get the inspirations for your creations?

I let myself be inspired by a lot of things. Instagram is of course a very big inspiration, there I follow many other make-up artists or artists. But I also let myself be inspired by my environment, be it nature or people.

What is especially important to you when choosing your products?

When choosing my products it is important to me that they are of high quality. Especially when it comes to the Foundation. I have already tested many products, of course there are also cheap products that are quite good, but the durability has unfortunately not been very satisfactory for me. Quality has its price.In my training as a make-up artist and hair stylist I also learned to pay attention to the ingredients. I was not as aware of this in the past as I am today.

What makes a perfect make-up base for you?

The perfect make-up base is the most important thing for me, because no matter how well you make up your eyes, pull on the eyeliner or apply make-up to your lips - if you have not used the right care, the result can quickly be a flop. If, for example, the skin is much too dry and you see flakes of skin and the make-up becomes "caky" or if the skin is too oily and has not been matted off properly. The skin needs to be moisturized so that there is a "glowy" effect in the end.

What were your experiences with the Tozaime Geisha Glow Cream so far?

I was very excited to test the Tozaime Geisha Glow Cream, as I read through all the ingredients in advance and had high expectations of the cream. Not only did it sound good, but it is good! I am definitely very satisfied and I use the cream not only for myself but also for my customers. So far I have received only positive feedback.

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