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What's the point of having a Jade Roller and why is it so popular these days?

Empress Dowager Cixi: The Concubine Who Launched Modern China

Jade roller - what is that?!

For centuries, the Jade Roller has served the beautiful ladies of the Asian upper class as mystical beauty secret, such as Empress Cixi for their daily beauty care. In those times the Jade stone got it's mystical name - "Stone of Heaven" who kept the skin of the elite beautiful and women ageless. That's history, but beside that you might wonder - what the heck is a Jade Roller and why is it a must-have tool in modern beauty routines?! Jade Rollers are facial massage tools made from Jade or Rose Quarz. Both stones have lots of skin healing properties, but we'll go more into details later.Most Jade Rollers have two ends, like ours - a larger side and a smaller side. You apply the larger side on bigger areas on your face like cheek, chin and forehead. The smaller side should be applied under the eyes and brows for example. Still curious? Let's move on!

Why should you use it and what benefits are associated with it?!

Countless benefits are associated with Jade Rollers and their application in your daily skin care routines. But, there's something important you have to know before we go into details. Your body has something what's known as the lymphatic system. The lymph nodes are continuously working hard collecting toxins and other harmful stuff and moving them to your body's waste system. From time to time the toxin overexposure in modern life can cause these lymphs to become overwhelmed and hold onto more toxins than they should. Benefits for your skin and soul.
Sometimes mornings can be tough - you're waking up with this puffy feeling and your skin and eyes look at bit swollen. This can be the result of too much salt in your diet, too much alcohol, dehydration, allergies, stress and many more, which can increase inflammation which causes swelling. The massage with a cooled Jade Roller re-activates the lymphs and encourages the lymphatic system's natural detoxification process by rolling towards your lymph nodes (right by your ears). This supports the improvement of the mentioned detoxification process and supports the reduction of skin disorders. In addition, whilst gently massaging over your face, the Jade Roller boost the circulation and blood flow beneath the skin granting a visible glow #GeishaGlow. While Jade Rollers are not magical, they are also great at reducing wrinkles and fine lines. While it might not get rid of them completely, it can really help reduce the appearance. Knowing that a solid skin care routine is essential keeping your skin healthy, Jade Rollers do support the absorption of active ingredients, like slow-aging agents, by the cells. Aside from the physical benefits, we also find it a perfect kick-starter in the morning getting in a 'day ready mood', as well as relaxing in the evening as part of our 'go to bed routine'. Afterwards we do feel calm and ready to fall asleep.
Tozaime - face cleansing is an important step in modern and ancient skin care routines

Ok, got it! Jade Rollers are amazing, but how does a step by step routine looks like?

Technique Tips

The Jade Roller should be moved with little pressure - some more whilst moving upwards to 'lift' the muscles'with this action. We suggest to use the Jade Roller after you've cleaned your face and before you apply any sort of facial products (eg. Geisha Glow Phytoactive Youth Cream) to help your skin absorbing the products. Each step should be performed by about 2-3 minutes - you decide whether all of them are needed or just a selection. Our morning routine:

  • Cleanse your face
  • Gently glide the Jade Roller over your clean skin
  • Apply eye products, serums, moisturisers, etc.
  • In the evening you can add oil to the rolling-step

Puffy Eyes reduction

2-3 minutes | small side of the Jade Roller

Move the small side of the cooled Jade Roller over the lids and under the eye area.

Continue rolling from the corner of the eye to the ear with the small portion of the Jade Roller.

sinus pain and pressure

2-3 minutes | small side of the Jade Roller

Dampen a cloth with warm water and place it over your forehead, eyes, and cheekbones. Place the smaller portion of the Jade Roller slightly above your centre eyebrow area and roll diagonally towards your cheekbone.

Lips and chin

2-3 minutes | large side of the Jade Roller

Work from the nose out to the ear.

Continue with upper lip, lower lip, and the chin. At the chin, follow along the jawline,

until you reach below your earlobe.

Jawline and neck

2-3 minutes | large side of the Jade Roller

Starting on the chin, work from the center outward and upward on the cheeks. Then at the center, make sweeping rolls under the chin towards the collarbone, working outwards to the sides of the neck.

De-Stress Forehead

3-6 times | large side of the Jade Roller

Start at the centre of your forehead

and swipe it left and right beginning at the hairline. Slowly roll it towards the ear and repeat it 3 to 6 times.

Tozaime - Application of the Jade Roller De-Stress the forehead

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