Why are we using extra eye creams? Or rather an eye serum?

Why are we using extra eye creams? Or rather an eye serum?

Eye cream is probably one of the first "anti-aging" products that most of us use. One of my best friends is still using eye cream almost exclusively and is approaching 40. Admittedly, the skin around the eyes has very special needs. It is much thinner, more sensitive and sometimes a bit drier than the rest of the face. But does it really need different care?


If the skin is not much drier, Paula of Paula's Choice says. But it is important that the cream meets a number of requirements. For example, it must not contain any creeping oils. That burns the eyes. Penetrating oils are based on mineral oils and silicones and penetrate into the eyes via the lash line. Not very pleasant. In addition, the care must be mild and low-irritant.


What else? Of course, moisturize as much as possible. Shea butter, glycerine, aloe vera... everything that stores and provides moisture. Lipid-containing substances like tocopherol make the skin barrier in this sensitive eye area even more resistant and additionally minimize small dryness wrinkles. It's good, of course, if it also contains highly concentrated active ingredients that work against wrinkles.

By the way, there are also eye sera that are applied with a pipette. As with serums for the normal facial skin care these should be much more concentrated than eye cream. Depends on the cream, I would say, but it is definitely right. At least that is what one hopes for with prices of around 300-400€/100ml at Esteé Lauder, Biotherm, Clinique and Co. And then there are of course eye masks, for example in patch form. There are the most amazing things now, with gold, from Wander Beauty, with dragon blood extract (made from plants, not from the dragons of the Kaleehsi of Game of Thrones), plankton extract and and and. Personally I don't know any natural cosmetics EyePatches strikes me. Creams yes, but patches? If you know any I would be very happy about a mail. Until then you can also use Tozaime's Geisha Glow Cream as an eye cream. It is highly concentrated and meets all the requirements for a good eye cream. And sometimes it's just practical not to have to open the extra eye cup, isn't it?

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