Why Slow Aging not only changes our skin, but also our attitude towards ourselves

Why Slow Aging not only changes our skin, but also our attitude towards ourselves

Why Slow Aging not only affects our skin, but also changes in our attitude towards ourselves

Young beauty forever?

As is well known, opinions differ when it comes to skin care. How often have we probably already dealt with the latest "tips and tricks" of facial care and friends about this topic. Among the countless products of the most different manufacturers it is often very difficult to decide for the right skin care and to be satisfied with it. Some swear by home remedies, while others can no longer do without special cleansing brushes for the face. As different as our own convictions may be, there is one point on which almost all of us agree: radiant, even skin is the goal and the aging of the skin must be prevented.

This goal is particularly important because the ideal of beauty has always been the was a youthful glow of the skin. Already in ancient Egypt the aspects beauty and eternal youth closely intertwined. 

A fine and smooth face is also today almost everywhere in the world with Youthfulness and thus associated with beauty. The tiredness and efforts of the life should not appear in our face in the form of wrinkles, dark circles and pale Set off face color. Women as well as men therefore like to Anti-aging creams to conceal wrinkles and bring freshness to your face. 

Between all these products and tactics, there has recently been a method ever louder and more effectively: more and more people and 

Manufacturers are now focusing on slow aging products. Even people who are actually still in of the bloom of their time, are concerned with the philosophy and application of new skin care. 

But what is slow aging anyway, where does it come from and what makes slow aging so special?

Slowdown instead of hectic

The origin of the Slow Aging concept lies many, many years back. The geishas in Japan were already focusing on a pure and firm appearance back then and achieved this goal with the help of special and above all very natural ingredients. Based on white tea, ginseng, kimchi, wakame and other natural ingredients, they prevented sagging skin and the effects of oxidative stress. This strategy is now being widely accepted again. After all, we all still dream of having the same porcelain skin that Japanese entertainers are known for.

Although smooth skin is also the goal of anti-aging products, the concept of slow aging starts at a different point. The skin should not be robbed of its natural aging process, but it is about supporting the skin in its natural maturing process. Instead of fighting the skin and all its properties, as anti-aging products often do in a harsh way, the Slow Aging method promotes and stabilizes the natural skin texture.

However, it is by no means the aim to simply give the skin the chance to develop wrinkles and let environmental influences unfold their evil effects more unhindered. Instead, the aim is to visibly slow down the skin's aging process and to provide comprehensive care and protection from environmental influences with valuable ingredients. Aggressive ingredients and chemicals are absolutely excluded from the mixtures of Slow Aging Creams. Additional tools such as a Jade Roller activate the lymph nodes, promote the skin's natural detoxification process and stimulate the blood circulation.

The second idea behind the principle of Slow Aging also brings with it a new attitude towards ourselves, which should bring more peace and above all self-acceptance in our fast moving and hectic society. According to the Slow Aging thought, getting older is not an enemy, but rather the most natural and, among other things, the most beautiful thing in the world. After all, we grow with every experience we have in the course of our lives and as our inner self grows with it, so does our skin and our general appearance. A face that reflects experience and maturity is still beautiful and very authentic. And this is ultimately the message of Slow Aging: real beauty comes to light when we acknowledge, respect and are proud of ourselves.

So the principle of Slow Aging not only decelerates our skin care, but also has a lasting effect on our positive attitude towards ourselves and our skin.

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