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  • #FreeYourSkin with 200 years of Geisha beauty wisdom for sensitive skin!

    Jade Roller - What is that?!

    For centuries, the Jade Roller has served the beautiful ladies of the Asian upper class as a mystical beauty secret, such as Empress Cixi, for their daily beauty care. In those times the Jade stone got it's mystical name - "Stone of Heaven" who kept the skin of the elite beautiful and women ageless.

    Benefits for your skin & soul

    • Re-activates the lymphs and encourages the lymphatic system's natural detoxification process
    • Supports the improvement of the detoxification process whilst gently improving the reduction of skin disorders
    • Boosts the circulation and blood flow beneath the skin creating a visible 'Geisha Glow'
    • Supports the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines
    • Helps to improve the absorption of active ingredients, like slow-aging agents, by the cells

    Aside from the physical benefits, we also find it a perfect kick-starter in the morning getting in a 'day ready mood', as well as relaxing in the evening as part of our 'go to bed routine'.

  • What is a Jade Roller and how is it used in your daily skin care routine? Get more details here: Blog-Entry

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