Tozaime key ingredients


This highly effective, biofermented organic active ingredient is a refreshing treatment for the cells of our skin. The fermented Wakame increases the oxygen uptake of the cells and optimizes the natural cell activity - no harmful free radicals can be formed. The increased cell metabolism acts like a natural detox effect from inside the cell - toxins are massively reduced and premature cell aging is effectively tackled at the cellular level where aging starts. In addition, Wakame stimulates collagen synthesis and thus improves the elasticity of the skin - for younger and plump skin.

Tozaime key ingredient - Wakame
Tozaime key ingredient - Kimchi


Kimchi made of fermented radish has always played an important role in the healthy Asian cuisine. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, folic acid and trace elements, this active has unique toning and detoxifying properties. For those suffering from eczema and acne, fermented radish soothes irritated skin and contains a natural moisturizer and calming agent, which helps to alleviate dry, cracked skin and swellings. The living microbacteria produced by the fermentation process increase bioavailability and ensure an optimal moisturising and antimicrobial effect.

White tea

White tea is considered one of the finest and most valuable teas in the world. Its valuable actives remain in highest concentration due to the very delicate production process and the usage of solely very young buds. Especially the high content of polyphenols (3 x higher than in green tea) prevents the skin against harmful free radicals and other cell-damage. White tea helps restore the skins' natural immunity to harsh chemicals and oxidation stress and effectively fights acne and bacteria.

Tozaime key ingredient - White tea
Tozaime key ingredient - Ginseng


Ginseng extract, also known as rejuvenating elixir in the Asian vernacular, is rich in amines, vitamin B1, B2, B12 and vitamin C, as well as essential amino acids and numerous minerals. It has a stimulating effect on energy metabolism and micro-circulation which helps ramping up the synthesis of collagen. In a daily skincare routine, Ginseng brightens and revitalizes your complexion and supports the inhibition of melanin production. Very sensitive skin profits from ginseng's natural anti-inflammatory properties calming redness and puffiness as well as treating acne and psoriasis.

Tsubaki oil

This oil with centuries-old tradition is one of the most valuable geisha secrets and used for various applications and recipes. The treasured oil manages to penetrate deepest layers of skin with precious actives and phytonutrients as its composition resembles our human sebum. The Omega-6 fatty acids present in Tsubaki oil are great for boosting skin-hydration, thus reducing the appearance of premature fine, dry lines.

Tozaime key ingredient - Tsubaki oil
Tozaime key ingredient - Acacia biopolymer

Acacia biopolymer

This patented, natural phyto-science active is a natural symbiosis of rhizobian and acacia gum. The desert trees wrap the resulting, net-like structure around their roots to store water and protect themselves from drying out. Applied to our skin, the invisible net-structure is rebuild with proven tightening and hydration properties. Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced, the skin stays hydrated and moisturised.

Dormin extract

Each cell has the ability to divide about 50 times, then the ability to renew is exhausted and the cell dies. While classic anti-aging substances accelerate skin regeneration by stimulating cell division (e.g. fruit acids, growth hormones), the extract from the dormant onion of the snowflake flower is supposed to "calm" the cells in winter, slow down cell division and thus prolong the life of the individual cell. This gives time to the cells to sustainably recover and to develop their full potential of self-healing capacities. In addition, the skin benefits from the very concentrated phyto actives as amines, vitamines and omega acids in the hibernating flower onion.

Tozaime key ingredient - Dormin extract
Tozaime key ingredient - Moringa oligopeptides

Moringa oligopeptides

The patented, natural peptide complex from the seeds of the fruit of the so-called "miracle tree" of the Himalayan region, is an innovative, active ingredient with double effect: biologically it delays the aging process of the cells and binds free radicals, mechanically it inhibits - similar to Botox - the muscle contraction which is the main cause of facial expression wrinkles. The wrinkle smoothing effect has been proven in clinical studies and the instant (within 5 minutes) Bio-Lift Effect is confirmed by study participants both for face and eye region.