Moringa Oligopeptides

The patented, natural peptide complex from the seeds of the fruit of the so-called "miracle tree" of the Himalayan region, is an innovative, active ingredient with a double effect: biologically it delays the aging process of the cells and binds free radicals, mechanically it inhibits - similar to Botox - the muscle contraction, main cause of facial expression wrinkles. The wrinkle smoothing effect has been proven in clinical studies.

Acacia Biopolymer

The patented, natural phyto-science active ingredient is composed of two plant substances: Made from acacia gum from sustainably cultivated Arabian gum trees and from rhizobian gum obtained by fermentation technology. With the help of micro organisms, desert plants enclose their roots in the rubber-like gel and thus protect themselves from drying out. The symbiotic mixture of both active ingredients forms a fine net structure on the skin, which creates an elastic film in a very short time. This tightens the skin noticeably within a very short time and small wrinkles and fine lines are visibly reduced.

Dormin extract

Each cell has the ability to divide about 50 times, then the ability to renew is exhausted and the cell dies. While classic antiging substances accelerate skin regeneration by stimulating cell division (e.g. fruit acids, growth hormones), the extract from the dormant onion of the narcissus is supposed to "calm" the cells in winter, slow down division and thus prolong the life of the individual cell.