Highly sensitive skin sounds like you? Get now your Geisha inspired instant luxury skin solution!

Proven since 200 years by the real Geishas of Kyoto and perfected with latest European science: This skincare combines time-proven concentrated Asian healing bio-ferments with advanced, patented bio-active complexes. 

Reduce wrinkles instantly with the patented bio-lift effect, boost your skin-regeneration for long-time slow-ageing, sooth irritations, and protect your skin against pollution and blue light. All natural!

Experience now why Professionals, customers and magazines love Tozaime!

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Your instant luxury skin sensation

Boost your natural skin renewal process, experience advanced cell-detox and treat your skin with highly potent slow-aging bio-complexes. Combining 200 years old ancient Geisha skincare secrets with clinically proven European Phytoscience, every single ingredient of our precious formulas has a purpose. Designed for normal, sensitive and irritated skin

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The Jade-Roller

This ancient Must-Have Beauty tool re-activates the lymphatic system and boosts your natural detoxification processes. It reduces skin disorders and limits wrinkles.  Once tried you don't want to miss it in your daily routine! 

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